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Saturday, 2 November


      9:30am-12:00pm          Opening ceremony and                                                     prayer session

      2:00pm-3:30pm            Dharma talk and Q&A                                                       on The Three Principal                                                       Aspects of the Path by                                                         Geshe Sangyey Thinley

      4:00pm-5:00pm            Guided meditation on the

                                               stages of the path to 

                                               awakening based on The                                                 Foundation of All Good                                                       Qualities

Sunday, 3 November


      10:00am-12:00pm        Prayer session                                                        

      2:00pm-3:30pm            Prayer session

      4:00pm-5:00pm            Maitreya procession and 

                                               closing dedications

This schedule is subject to change, please check back for the latest updates

The Festival is honoured to have Ven. Lhagon Rinpoche from the Dhargyey Buddhist Centre in Dunedin lead the prayers and offer spiritual guidance. The main aspiration prayers to be recited during the Festival are Samantabhadra’s Aspiration to Good Actions, popularly known as the king of prayers, the Prayer Made by Noble Maitreya, and the dedication chapter of A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life. These three vast and profound prayers will be recited both in the morning and afternoon session, for the sake of benefitting all sentient beings and to create the causes for the flourishing of the Buddha's teachings.

Geshe Sangyey Thinley from Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling in Whangarei will be giving a talk on The Three Principal Aspects of the Path, a letter written by Lama Tsongkhapa for his disciple Ngawang Drakpa. The letter summarises the three key realisations on the path to awakening. The first is the firm determination to be free from cyclic existence, the second is the awakening mind of seeking Buddhahood in order to benefit all beings, and the third is right view that understands reality as it is.

Geshe Thupten Wangchen will lead a glance meditation based on Lama Tsongkhapa's The Foundation of All Good Qualities. This text is a brief summary of all the stages on the path to awakening.


The morning prayer sessions will feature: The Sutra Recollecting the Three Jewels, Ganden Lhagyema, The Foundation of All Good Qualities, Praise of the Buddha's 12 Deeds, Heart Sutra, The Secret Biography of Je Rinpoche, Praise of the 17 Nalanda Masters, Praise to the 21 Taras, H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama's long life prayer, Bodhisattva's Confession of Downfalls, Prayer for the Beginning, Middle, and End, Prayer to be Born in the Land of Bliss, Until Buddhahood, and Spontaneous Bliss.

The afternoon session will feature: Praise of Dependent Origination, Praise of the Three Times, Three Principle Aspects of the Path, the bath offering, Praise of Tara, Prayer for the Beginning, Middle, and End, Prayer for the Non-Sectarian Flourishing of the Buddha's Teachings, Prayer for the Blazing of Lama Tsongkhapa's Teachings, and the Prayer for the Flourishing of the Doctrine.

The Maitreya Procession is a chance to create a connection with Maitreya, the next Buddha of this world system who will appear and teach once Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings disappear. Lama Tsongkhapa had a strong connection to Maitreya. One of his four great deeds was the restoration of the Maitreya Buddha statue at Dzingji monastery. He named his own monastery Ganden, the Tibetan translation for Tushita, a heavenly realm where Maitreya waits to take birth in our world. Lama Tsongkhapa himself is said to reside in Tushita as a disciple of Maitreya after passing away.



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