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Master Tsongkhapa, also known by his ordination name Losang Drakpa, was a 15th century Tibetan Buddhist teacher who revitalised Buddhism in Tibet and made vast contributions in all fields of Buddhist study and practice. His legacy, continued by the Gelug lineage, strives to benefit beings to this day.


Spreading out from the Ganden monastery founded by master Tsongkhapa, this lineage that combines the essential points of all the Buddha's teachings on sutra and tantra has continued to produce a succession of great Buddhist masters, from the famous Dalai Lamas to hidden yogis in the east and west.


Started by master Tsongkhapa in Lhasa in the year 1409, the Great Prayer Festival in Tibet was an annual event when tens of thousands of monks, nuns, and laypeople 

performed charitable acts and made vast and profound aspiration prayers for the first two weeks of the new year. Starting the festival is considered one of Tsongkhapa's four great deeds.

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